What's Sharedcloud
Sharedcloud is a platform that matches buyers (people who want to run some functions written in a specific programming language) and sellers (people who want to rent out partially the computing power of their machines).
We firmly believe that everybody should be able to fully take advantage of the hardware they buy. Unfortunately, most of the time this hardware remains "partially wasted" due to the low computing requirements of common "every day" programs, like the browser, email client or the document editor.
This is why we decided to create Sharedcloud. With Sharedcloud, the sellers can get money on the side while they still use their computers as they have always done. It only takes 5 minutes to set up the CLI tool and start generating income.
For buyers, there're also plenty of reasons to use us. They can run, for example, large geographically distributed applications or deep learning model training with high parallelism due to the massive number of people behind offering their computing power. Without the need to manually spin up instances in a Cloud Provider or ask for GPU quota increments. Just by paying a tenth of what they would usually pay.
Anything is possible when you have at your disposal the resources of thousands of people.
Last modified 3yr ago
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